The Linkeight Toolbox is currently under development. We are extending our online capabilities to include a business information centre on working with China, frequently asked questions page, online form library, product referrals system, company policies and procedures and our legal ‘stuff.

While this work is in progress, we have included a few links to important information or resources that may be of assistance.

  • Why China?

    In today’s global market, whoever can supply or manufacture products better, cheaper and faster, succeeds. Every country in the world is now competing for business and China has become the manufacturing capital of the world. For most companies the cheap and vast labour pool is its most attractive feature; but this is not the only benefit of utilising Chinese services.

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  • Business support

    The current economic market presents varying difficulty for small, medium and large businesses. Keeping up to date with available resources, government assistance or capability development programmes can present valuable opportunities for New Zealand business.

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  • New Zealand made

    While components of a product can be manufactured in China, in some cases products can still claim to be New Zealand made to capitalise of the positive associations products from New Zealand carry.

    » Guidelines on New Zealand made products and claiming country of origin.

  • Information on china

    In 2008 New Zealand signed a Free Trade agreement with China to open up economic opportunities for New Zealand business in China.
    » More information on the Free Trade Agreement.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade releases up to date country information including key facts and figures, statistics, an overview of the history, political and economic environments, foreign relations and status of the New Zealand-China relationship at a Government level.
    » View information on China including country statistics.