Giving you confidence to manufacture in China When Kiwi’s deal with Kiwis its honest and transparent. We provide confidence and trust in the products we supply because we expect our suppliers to be knowledgeable about their industry and the products they manufacture. We require a high level of communication and integrity from each factory to enable us to better serve our customers.

So how do we work?

We spend the time with you upfront so we clearly understand your product requirements. For contract manufacturing, this is a critical part of our process and allows us to employ end-to-end process management to monitor the production process in detail through effective quality controls.

When trading with China, we engage eight core services at various points throughout our process.

  1. Factory selection and auditing
  2. Pricing assessment and negotiation
  3. Quality assurance processes
  4. End-to-end project management
  5. Communication and translation services
  6. Management of legal and fiscal activity
  7. Cultural and international relations
  8. Logistics and delivery

Approval Control

We give our customers full control over the production of their products with a four step approval process.

  1. Acceptance of proposal and contract engagement
  2. Sample or pilot sample approved
  3. Pre-production run
  4. Approval to manufacture or re-order

Production Monitoring System

To identify problems or risks early Enveloping the four step approval process is our customised and intensive production monitory system. Unnecessary delays, cost overruns or miscommunications are avoided.

Pre-qualified manufacturers

A New Zealand engineer evaluates all manufacturing processes and control systems for each factory. We carefully assess factory capabilities and management systems, production processes and policies, quality control systems, record keeping and social compliance.

Quality Controls

Linkeight specifies various quality controls and independent testing, certification or accreditation as determined from the outset with our customer.

In-process and final inspections

Regular factory visits ensures adherence to specifications. Quality assurance is achieved through pre-production, first article, in-process and final product inspections.

Pre-shipment Checks

Prior to shipment, packaging specifications are checked and sample product is inspected.

Partner with Linkeight - We take the heat, you make the gains.

Our business and support systems manage the risk of dealing with global manufacturers.

When partnering with Linkeight you can have the confidence your business will receive professional Kiwi service standards, product quality and at the best price.

Linkeight strives to build long term trusted relationships based on flexible and fast delivery of consistent quality product at reduced unit rates.

Quite simply: Quality product, on time, at the right price, consistently.