Assisting NZ Businesses with global sourcing & manufacturing
Linkeight is a wholly owned New Zealand company offering integrated global manufacturing solutions. We utilise developed Chinese technologies and production services to dramatically reduce costs while successfully managing the risks associated with global manufacturing.

Founded in 2009 on over 30 years of manufacturing experience throughout China and around the world, we also bring 15 years of experience on the ground in China. We specialise in mitigating the risks associated with the legal, cultural and logistical complications that inevitably arise, causing businesses to stumble. We are here to ensure companies are not seriously jeopardised nor experience months of recovery when a manufacturing or sourcing decision with China is unsuccessful.

Linkeight offers world class manufacturing networks
for metal engineered products and product sourcing

Our head office is based in New Zealand's capital, Wellington and our strong team of ten specialised personnel operated directly from China and around New Zealand. Our office in Shanghai is the hub for our mobile personnel working in China which places us in the unique position of always having someone on the ground in both places. We deliver fast and accurate communication and engagement.

Our team is supported by associated networks of quality assessed factories and specialists making us highly knowledgeable and our partnerships with clients mutually beneficial.


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