Helping New Zealand do business in China

At Linkeight we enable both large and small businesses, Kiwi entrepreneurs and manufacturers, easy and transparent global manufacturing solutions. Linkeight's extensive networks within mainland China allow for greater flexibility. We ensure tighter quality controls and bypass restrictions such as minimum purchase quantities to maximising new and existing trading opportunities.

Our services are focused in three core areas:
  • Contract manufacturing of metal engineered components or full product assemblies
  • Sourcing of off-the-shelf industrial products
  • Consultancy and factory assessment on the ground in China


Metal engineered products – Contract manufacturing

Our integrated networks of qualified and reputable factories provide quality metal engineering services to produce components and full assemblies.

We offer services in:

  • Casting
  • Machined components and Tooling
  • Manual or CNC cutting
  • Pressed and formed parts
  • Heavy and light fabrication
  • Prototyping and modeling
  • CAD services

The extensive range of factory capabilities offers a broader spectrum of specialised services. Large factories are available for mass production while the small to medium factories deal easily with customised jobs and lower minimum order quantities.

Project management controls quality

Our solid project management controls the quality of outputs and time-frames while our customers are kept up to date with progress reports and confirmation photos and video.

For contract manufacturing products, we operate simple four steps of engagement with our customers:

  1. Product or project specifications and analysis
  2. Quote acceptance and contract terms
  3. Approved pilot sample
  4. Full production and delivery

During the manufacturing process, we are on the ground in China overseeing the production and assembly of projects. We employ end-to-end process management to identify problems or risks early. In addition, enveloping the four simple steps above is our customised and intensive production monitoring system.

From weeks to months

Traditionally complex projects can take up to 12 months for setup from inception to delivery. Once the production system is in place, the product can then be re-ordered and supplied in a matter of weeks.

On smaller, simpler projects, products can be delivered within only a few months.

When partnering with a Kiwi company to produce a new product we provide our customers with a well-informed, projected time of delivery in three phases.

  • Completion and supply of pilot sample
  • Production of product – completed at factory
  • Shipping and logistics

Our customers are assured through the manufacturing process and are kept up to date with all major developments in real time. There are many areas of complexity when engaging with offshore manufacturers – especially in the set up phase. If we engage multiple factories to utilise specialist services for the one project, this in itself adds layers of intricacy and has the potential to impact on timeframes but we are focused on mitigating and controlling these risks for the best outcome for our customers.

Pricing options

By Project
We spend the time with you so we clearly understand your product requirements and provide you with a New Zealand landed unit rate – and that is all you pay. There are no hidden costs, no extra taxes, freight or biosecurity requirements. The unit rate includes our service fee, so effectively, we take on the risk of doing business globally and provide a solid layer of protection for our customers.

By Programme
For larger operations, Linkeight offers a range of programme and pricing options to assist in, or manage your Chinese manufacturing and sourcing ventures. Let’s talk today to see how we can best be of help.


Industrial product sourcing – Economies of scale

Linkeight utilises databases of suppliers and trade associations to tap into China’s economy of scale to source off-the-shelf industrial products.

We can source orders from as small as 50 units or supply into the millions, making sure units are delivered on time and are of a quality standard that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Easy and straight forward

We fit manufacturers to your exact needs making sure the product is of the right specification for you to meet your market needs.

We fit manufacturers to your exact needs…

The process is as basic as:

  1. Provide a product brief or existing example
  2. A product sample is supplied for approval
  3. Product is delivered in the specified quantity

Within these three steps, Linkeight manages the full breadth of activity and engagement on your behalf making the process easy and straightforward for you.

All products undergo Linkeight’s quality assurance systems.

Less than three months

Sourcing pre-made products is generally a routine process. In most cases the following timeframes provide an estimated guideline.

  1. Product specifications clarified (1 week)
  2. Quote provided (1-2 weeks)
  3. Approved quote and sample supplied (2-3 weeks)
  4. Linkeight qualifies and engages suitable factory (up to 4 weeks)
  5. Approved sample and order supplied (up to 4 weeks)

Just one price

Like all our products, we provide a New Zealand Landed unit rate – and that is all you pay.

Applicable tariffs, customs and excise duty, custom broker fees, domestic and international freight charges, insurance, government tax and our service fee is all built into the landed unit rate.


Consultancy & factory assessment – A friend in China

For services specific to your business or assistance with an endeavour already in progress, at Linkeight we work with your company on a one-to-one basis.

Our extensive background in China has highlighted the many complexities and frustrations New Zealand businesses have when trying to engage with offshore manufacturers. Quite simply, it has been too difficult. It is precisely these circumstances that sparked the conception of Linkeight.

We can be your eyes and ears on the ground in China for factory selection, quality assurance assessment or general Chinese communications.

If you are finding difficulties with your current Chinese endeavours, let’s talk and we will see where we can be of help.

Flexibility and assurance

When Linkeight is operating in a consultant capacity in China, our services are based on our assessment at a single point in time to the best of our combined skill, ability and experience.

Standard Services
We offer the following standard services for factory selection and qualification based on our customised processes

  • Company Information and Legal Status Report
  • Factory Capability Assessment
  • Factory Qualification Assessment
  • Production Monitoring

If a customer has engaged our services to qualify a factory for production and to undertake one of our standard processes above, customers are provided with a written report of our findings, including relevant photographs, video’s or copies of documentation.

Customised Requirements
If you require assistance with an existing endevour, we can work with your company on a one-to-one basis.

Timeframes consultancy work are estimated at the time of engagement. In most cases, any written reports are provided within 5 working days from factory visit or assessment.

Negotiable fees

Our consultant rates vary significantly and are influenced by a wide range of factors. Set out below is a summary of some of the key considerations and influences.

  • Simple daily rate
    A daily rate is agreed based on the scope of the assignment and an estimated total number of days for completion are agreed. Reasonable expenses are reimbursed at cost in addition to the basic daily rate.

  • Fixed price
    A fixed price for successful completion of clearly specified deliverables maybe offered depending on the scope of work and an end date is agreed.

  • Time and Materials basis
    An agreed hourly rate is entered into based on personnel experience and any related expenses incurred, outsourced supplies or subcontracted services are charged to the client at cost.

Contracts would specify the key deliverables and regular progress reviews with the client are provided to ensure that the consulting inputs are as required to ensure that at the end of the contract the key requirements are met.